Midas Office Interior Design Receives Nikkei New Office Award

Recipient of the 26th annual Nikkei New Office Award, Midas Company Limited Continues Innovative Success in Japan's Office Design Culture http://www.midasjapan.com/english

Too often, the typical style of an office in Japan may include desks covered in piles of paper, the boss sitting at the tip of the "Island", and meeting space in sections of the floor that make impromptu brainstorming between team members difficult to achieve. Midas Company Limited looks to change this outdated image of office space with innovative, smart office designs and solutions to help evolving firms cope with evolving work-style. Employees everywhere thrive with enthusiasm and energy and Midas works to make the office environment conducive to that spirit and supportive of corporate growth. The New Office Promotion Association along with the globally ranked Nikkei newspaper encourages office design with its annual "New Office Award". Carefully vetting Japan's progressive office designs, "The New Office Award" selects 13 companies that elicit "comfortable and functional" work environments via cutting edge functionality and attention to complex and evolving workplace requirements.

Representing Change in the Japanese Workplace

Japan's corporate world is reevaluating employee potential as work methods diversify, and creative communication and free-thinking take priority over sheer work hour-calculated devotion. As people change, the work environment needs to keep in step with intense modernization and growth. With an unconventional approach and clear focus on individual company requirements, Midas Company Limited is Japan's longest standing pioneer with over 36 years in the industry.

Miyako Ikeda, Director of Marketing at Midas, describes their goal: "Our designs aim to inspire and connect. Not only does the design strike visitors with clean aesthetic, leading-edge balance, and work-efficiency, but we also try to give an approachable and comfortable air that allows employees and guests to interact and rejuvenate."

Midas Design Impresses with Simple Efficiency and Usability

High motivation to produce concrete results is key for both employees and clients. In 2008, Midas received this award for excellent work in an innovative free-desking office design for a client, but this year the renown accolade was for the self-experiment performed on their home office just down the street from world famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan.

Progressive office principles Midas brings to the table, actually include a....Table! The office makes use of Japanese ecologically sound "Kanbatsu-zai", which refers to thinner trees in Japan's dense forests that do not have much practical application in the lumber industry, but need to be removed to help trim the forests. The award-winning office is centered on a huge wooden Kanbatsu-zai table where employees use a different seat each day to maintain a new perspective on work, but also to test a number of different ergonomic chair designs to give clients direct feedback on chair selections. A small change such as this within a dynamic office framework introduces collaboration and movement into the daily routine of the Midas office employees.

A Future Bursting with Potential

Kiyohiko Ozawa, head of Midas consulting arm, DOUMA asserts, "Each company can benefit from collaboration in the workplace, and DOUMA provides practical solutions to increase communication for higher intellectual productivity. The DOUMA solutions are displayed here in our home office as a model for successful workplace strategy."

In its innovative head office design, Midas presents how the natural drive for communication and harmony can infiltrate office design itself. In a world where the ability to facilitate makes a leader and adaptability is key to success, there is much to gain from an office design that encourages a sense of belonging, cooperation and hope.

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