Japan Technology Report (JTR) Becomes First English Language Resource for Technology and Strategy inside Japan's Manufacturing Sector

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., (Nikkei BP; Head office: Tokyo, President: Kohei Osada) Announced the official launch of "Japan Technology Report", at the 34th Annual Computex Taipei (the largest ICT related event in Asia and second largest in th

After very positive feedback from industry associations in Taiwan as well as sales being kicked off by the US, five titles added today round out this report service as the first of its kind for Japan.

“Although we are slated to feature reports from Japan’s Electronics and Manufacturing sector as well, we have initiated our Japan Technology Report (JTR) service with hot topics from Japan’s Automotive sector to kick things off,” states Hiroyuki Ogihara, Assistant Group Publisher, Electronics/Mechanical Group.

“In this era of constant change, growth and competition, we felt an English-language supply of tech info from Japanese manufacturers would be a welcome tool and resource for think-tanks, industry players, consultants and Universities with strong engineering departments. We have 200 dedicated technical writers with un-equaled access to decision makers and R&D heads at Japan’s most cutting edge firms. Many of our writers know industry leaders directly so they are able to achieve truly insightful and detailed reports on technology and industry developments, ”he adds.

“Japan Technology Report” is a for-purchase service produced by Nikkei BP’s team of highly specialized expert technical writers who provide English-language reports stemming from direct, one-on-one interviews about the technology being born and developed in domestic and international research centers and factories.

Tailored to the needs of companies, “Japan Technology Report” sheds light on information that, to date, was available primarily via academic conferences, seminars or publications for highly specialized and limited audiences.

Titles available as of today are:

1. Inside Honda's State-of-the-Art Yorii Plant in Japan; To Boost Global Cost Competitiveness
This cutting-edge plant produces 1050 new FIT automobiles per day with a tact time compressed to less than 50 seconds.

2. Japanese Manufacturers Hot on the Tail of US/European Firms in Self-Driving Cars; Toyota, Nissan, and Honda Enter the Fray
Achievements behind the three major players’ effort to get self-driving cars on public roads by 2020.

3. Mitsubishi Motors Development Engineers Reveal Their PHEV Problems
In-depth examination of roots and solutions to issues with the “Outlander PHEV” battery and a look into other reported software defects.

4. New Engines Aiming for 60% Thermal Efficiency; Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Rise to the Post-HEV Challenge
Thermal efficiency is only increasing. 40% over the last century, expected 50% efficiency in the next decade and sights are set on 60% via new engine trends outlined here.

5. Nissan Puts Steer-by-Wire on the Road; An In-Depth Look at the Technology
The Skyline hybrid features steer-by-wire achieved with a ground-breaking resistance feedback motor and other high precision technology developed by Nissan engineers.

6. Making Cars with CFRTP; Cheap and Ready for Volume Production
Unlike aircraft-aimed CFRP, CFRTP focuses on vehicles from the outset. Learn how this revolutionizes volume focused manufacturing applications.

7. Revolution of Compact Line To Strengthen Japanese Manufacturing Industry
Reduction rates are targeted much higher, achieving costs reductions to one thousandth of previous rates; exploring Japan’s revolutionary production lines.

8. Japanese Automotive Component Manufacturers on Technology Development Strategy; New Partnerships to Surpass Old Limitations; Expanding into Electronics
Exclusive interview with top management at eight leading firms.
Evolving markets, players and technology demand strategy innovation unlike ever before. Learn what’s on the mind of Japan’s business chiefs.

9. Dual Injectors to Boost Fuel Economy; The Future of Small Engines?
We find gasoline engines built with two injectors in each cylinder from several manufacturers. Will this become the design of choice?

10. Test Driving “Collision-Free” Cars; Subaru and Volvo take top honors
Results of Japan’s first ever comparison of autonomous braking for pedestrians. Styles and philosophy from nine manufacturers and why Subaru and Volvo came out on top

11. Vehicle-to-Home technology boosting the value of automobiles
An inside look at V2H initiatives by Nissan, Honda and Toyota. Exploring electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, fuel-cell vehicles and challenges in creating a hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

“Japan Technology Report” is available via PDF and can be purchased on the Nikkei BP Technology website “Nikkei Technology Online”
( http://www.nikkeibp.com/JapanTechnologyReport/ )
Check this site for summaries and samples for each report.

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